How Is A TSX Cement Vibrating Screen?

Vibrating screen is now very widely used, about every industry can be used, but the requirements of the vibrating screen are different, there are requirements for corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, the frequency, screen fineness will also have requirements, especially for such demanding materials as cement.

To select more than 5 mm in cement clinker for screening, cement raw material mixed with other materials screening and screening out the larger cement powder in the Lump, foreign matter to ensure product quality, cement vibrating screen can also be used for granular classification tasks. Among them, cement vibrating screen has its own characteristics.


Cement vibrating screen is a simple structure, the use of vibration motor as a vibration source, so that the material do on the screen surface to do throwing sieve movement, it achieves the role of special screening treatment, not easy to block, easy and fast to change the screen, cement vibrating screen is also widely used to screen out cement Limestone and other powdery foreign matter to ensure the normal operation of the sieve. Cement sieve with low energy consumption, cost and time savings, high efficiency, easy to operate.

The cement is also seen in life, the use of cement vibrating screen should be reasonable and correct use, pay attention to the reasonable ratio of mortar, to control the mud content, the higher the mud content, the lower the degree of bonding, but also to avoid mortar because of the reduction of water and the strength of the reduction, after mixing to control the time, to be used up as soon as possible.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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