What Is A TSX Cement Vibrating Screen?

Cement vibrating screen is designed for cement, lime and similar powder materials and screening machinery; Simple operation, compact structure, easy

Less damaged parts, easy to maintain; A new type of energy-saving vibration motor is adopted as vibration source, which mainly has two types of junctions: single vibration motor and double vibration motor

Structure form; Cement vibrating screen is mainly used for cement clinker classification and finished products to remove foreign bodies, screen mesh for braided mesh: vibration reduction device installation side.

Type a seat type, damping spring has two kinds of steel spring and rubber spring.

Cement vibrating screen structure features:

1,The structure of the machine is advanced: the volume core is effective, the stroke is bright, the noise is low, the operation is stable, the vibration motor is really connected to drive the screen carry out the hoop splitting work

2, the use of high quality manganese steel braided mesh, wear resistance and easy replacement and maintenance, screen mesh is generally 4*4mm or 5*5mm; You can also customized according to customer requirements;

3, than rotary screen energy-saving benefit is significant, screening efficiency is super high.

Cement vibrating screen main application scope and use:

Cement vibrating screen structure is reasonable, unique and novel, using vibration motor as vibration source, material throwing motion, to reach the screen

The purpose of the theory is to get rid of the drum screen and connecting rod reciprocating screen blocking screen, sticking net, changing the network is difficult shortcomings, the machine is widely used to screen cement,

The foreign matter of lime and similar powdery material to ensure the safe operation of conveying equipment and packing equipment.

The machine seat type or hanging type can be.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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