What Is A TSX Three Deck Vibrating Screen?

The sieve plate is an essential part of the vibrating screen. Three-layer vibrating screen refers to installing three screens on one vibrating screen. Multi-layer linear sieves are required for material classification, but the screening effect of multi-layer linear sieves cannot be guaranteed. This vibrating machine has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient maintenance, high efficiency, high feeding strength and low noise.

The three-layer linear vibrating screen uses the excitation motor as the vibration source. The material will be thrown up and land on the screen due to the vibration and move in a straight line. The material will enter through the feeding port and move forward under the force of the vibrating screen. , and open the screening, through the screening and filtering of the screen, the materials of different specifications will be separated to achieve the effect of screening, among which the vibrating sand screening machine is a multi-stage screening equipment, this vibrating sand screening machine It can be used as single-layer, double-layer, and three-layer sieve surfaces, and can sieve up to 4 kinds of materials at one time.

Compared with the previous two typical configurations, the three-layer sieve configuration reduces the number of equipment, simplifies the process flow, and occupies a small area. At the same time, due to the closed sieve, it can reduce the flying of carbon powder and improve the environment. The important thing is that the sieved pellets directly enter the batching bin, which reduces the reverse transportation of intermediate equipment, so the uniformity of the particle size of the material can be well guaranteed, and the product quality is better.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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