What Is A TSX Vibrating Dewatering Screen Used For?

TSX Vibrating Screen Exporter is a trustworthy exporter of vibrating screen which has many roles among which dewatering is one of them, vibrating dewatering screen is available for dewatering. It can be used for dewatering materials such as gravel, fine sand and coal.TSX can be used for dewatering. Screens that can be used for dewatering include high frequency screens, curved screens and linear screens. It can also be used for slotted fissures.

It is used for dewatering and has a feed size of 0-5 mm. It can be widely used in coal beneficiation, construction, chemical industry and other industrial activities. It is more energy efficient due to its recycling and dewatering function.
High efficiency high frequency dewatering screen is widely used in tailing dry discharge, concentrate dewatering, refining slurry concentration, chip removal, carbon slurry separation and other filtering and dewatering equipment industries. high frequency screen has a simple structure and uses a motor as the excitation source to screen the movement of the material in order to screen the material successfully. high frequency vibrating screen is different from other equipment, different dewatering vibrating screen also has different screen plates for selection.

Linear vibrating screen using slit screen plate, the principle is to focus the force on the straight line through the interaction of forces, which drives the vibration. The sieve works. Through the eccentric block, it can reduce the damage to the vibrating screen when working and reduce the cost of using the vibrating screen. TSX vibrating screen is committed to satisfying customers, meeting the requirements and providing after-sales service.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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