What Is A TSX Vibrating Screen Gear Box?

Gear box is an important part of the fan, is composed of two or more gears, used to rotate the rotor shaft to accelerate the generator to generate electricity, the gear box includes on the press measurement system lubrication system, control system, heating system cooling system, etc..

Can be used to change the acceleration, is achieved through the meshing of gears. It can also change the transmission direction, change the rotating torque, clutch function and use the gear box to drive a plurality of slave shafts to achieve the load function.

Provide a synchronous gear box for vibrating screen, just change the length of the universal shaft in the middle of the two gear boxes can easily achieve the center distance of the two output shafts, can achieve different sizes of vibrating screen, different center distance of the two shafts, so that the eccentric force can be more reasonably distributed.

The vibration system of gears and gearboxes is a rather complex nonlinear system. It is very difficult to establish its complete nonlinear vibration model. In the study of gear and gearbox failure, the gear transmission sub is usually simplified. The gear transmission sub as a vibration system that

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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