What Is A TSX Vibrating Screen In Mineral Processing?

Screening equipment is a mechanical device that divides a mixture of materials with different particle sizes into a number of different size class products according to the size of the screen, and is mainly used in the coal sorting process for raw coal classification, post-selection product dewatering and desliming.

Because we know how important it is to consistently produce high throughput while keeping costs low and downtime minimal, vibrating machines are one of the reliable and dependable large screening machines because vibrating screens can be efficient, have a long life span and can work continuously, we are committed to manufacturing and designing the most efficient and powerful vibrating screens and rectangular separators in the industry.

Vibrating screen is the main equipment of screening, can be used in various fields, in the mining field vibrating screen is one of the important equipment, ore vibrating screen in operation screen will be different caliber of coal materials according to the size of the classification.

In the mined ore in the rock or quartz deep-rooted, not easy to separate out, so it is crushed through the vibrating screen sieving can be separated from the desired product. But in which the vibrating screen operation can be sure to have wear and tear of the mining equipment, our company has high quality screening equipment that is easy to clean and maintain.

In coal mines, with the rapid increase in the degree of maple mining machine can be broadly divided into the following eight types.
① Rotary probability screen; ② Relaxation screen; ③ Vertical cylindrical screen; ④ Spiral roller screen; ⑤ Equal-thickness linear vibrating screen; @ Probability screen; ⑦ Knuckle vibrating screen; @ String fine particle classification screen

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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