What Is A TSX Vibrating Screen Motor?

Excitation motor is due to the rotor shaft is installed on both sides of the eccentric block is adjustable, the use of their high-speed rotation and the force generated by the formation of the excitation force through the motor to the vibrating screen, and then will drive the screen plate vibration screening, vibrating screen motor is widely used in construction, metallurgy and other industries.

 Vibrating screen with excitation motor as vibration source has high frequency screen and an arc screen: high frequency screen function for dewatering, the screen plate is selected with polyurethane frame stainless steel slit and full polyurethane slit, exciter selection:

ZDQ series exciter or exciter motor, feed size: 0-5mm for coal mine froth, coal slurry dewatering, can also be used for non-coal fine sand dewatering; arc screen can be divided into vibration and non-vibration, vibration of Equipped with vibration motor, non-vibrating without motor, the function is dewatering, screen plate selection arc screen plate, exciter selection: exciter motor, feed size: 0-5mm for coal mine froth coal, coal slurry transmission process dewatering desublimation, can also be used for non-coal fine sand dewatering.

Excitation motor has simple maintenance, low noise, can change the direction of the excitation force and other characteristics, small size of the vibrating screen motor, screening capacity is large according to the size of the vibration force can be divided into a variety of models, according to the need to choose the vibrating screen motor

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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