What Is A TSX Vibrating Screen Used For?

Vibrating screen is available in construction, mining, coal yard and other places for the use of vibrating screen is also very wide. It can be sieved, graded, dewatered, etc.
In the material in the screen above the screening role, due to the screen itself shape, will make the material in the screen quickly through, and follow the vibrating screen to do linear motion, in the coal field work large diameter materials will be intercepted to the screen above, fine materials will reach the lower layer through the screen, the vibrating screen above the outlet and inlet will be through the material into or out, will get a good screening fine coal dust and screening good The fine sand to meet the industrial requirements, in the sand and gravel production line is the same;

In the screening of wet materials, vibrating screen in the work will destroy the tension of the material surface, so that the material will be separated, sticky difficult to screen materials will be separated.
Vibrating screen has many uses, with material screening, impurities, classification, filtration, dewatering, etc. For high moisture, viscous materials are not suitable for screening. Vibrating screen is to use the vibration excited by the exciter to screen, doing reciprocal rotary motion. There are banana screen, linear screen, circular vibrating screen, etc., all have a vibration source and belong to vibrating screen, commonly used mining vibrating screen are circular vibrating screen, linear screen, banana screen, etc.

  Vibrating screen has stable, energy-saving, low-noise, long-life screening efficiency; it is a large machine indispensable for screening operations and construction operations.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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