What Is A Vibrating Screen Machine?

The name of vibrating screen will remind us that the machine can achieve the purpose we need through vibration.

The screen machine has the characteristics of firm structure, long service life, strong driving force, simple operation, etc.

Vibrating screen can be divided into light vibrating screen and heavy vibrating screen. Generally, light vibrating screen is used for screening food, medicine, etc; Heavy vibrating screen is generally used for screening ores and is used together with crusher.

We use the most advanced and leading sieve plate in China, which has the excellent quality of good media removal and dehydration effect, high opening rate, and the screen gap is not easy to block.

The composition and advantages of vibrating screen are as follows:

The cross beam of the screen is designed with a round special pipe, which has light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance and scouring resistance. The screen machine can be specially designed according to the different needs of different customers or special requirements of customers. We also provide on-site combined installation services. The side plate of screen body is designed without welding seam, and our company adopts high-quality HUCK bolt hydraulic tension assembly.

In the screening process, the surface of single-layer or multi-layer screen is divided into several different layers. The material particles larger than the sieve mesh stay on the upper layer of the sieve surface, and the material particles smaller than the sieve mesh pass through the sieve mesh, finally realizing the separation of coarse and fine particles and completing the screening process.


TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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