What Is A Vibrating Screen Mining Machine?

TSX vibrating screen mining machine is a common screening equipment, which often appears in coal screening, sand aggregate screening and bitumen screening.

TSX vibrating screen mining machine adopts the world’s most advanced design concept and advanced finite element force analysis and calculation means, equipped with advanced numerical control processing equipment and technology, advanced testing equipment, the quality and performance of the products produced have reached the international leading level.

TSX vibrating screen mining machine mainly includes side plates, exciting beams, lifting beams, beams, back plates, vibrators, intermediate shafts, main drive shafts, driving mechanisms, buffer springs, screen surfaces and other main components.

1.Motor rotate and then the belt transmission is adjusted speed.

2.Transfer exciting force to drive shaft by layshaft assembly.

3.Provide exciting force by  the exciter running. The angle is 45° between direction of exciting force and horizontal plane.

4.The linear vibrating force acts on the screen to vibrate by springs. The dynamic load of screen base support can be reduced by the springs

5.Transfer vibrating force  to materiel  by screen and sieve plate are synchronous vibration. The materiel  moving forward, lamination and classification  according to granularity.

6.The materiel were feed up and  classified continuously from the feed end to discharge end by slot panel, the materials below the screen surface were send to the groove of below deck, the materials above the screen surface were send to the groove of discharge end.

Assembled screens are subjected to a comprehensive test program to ensure correct assembly, correct operate frequency and performance parameters, and to ensure reliable trouble free operation in the field.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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