What Is A Vibrating Screen Used For?

The linear vibrating screen is used to screen and move products along a straight line. Therefore, the rectangular screen is used to allow more time for products to pass through the grid. The line screen can also effectively transport products, sometimes replacing traditional conveyors. Because of its length, fine products have the opportunity to separate from larger particles and fall into the screen. This makes the linear screen particularly suitable for dedusting or dewatering operations.

Due to the centrifugal inertia force of the unbalanced weight on the centrifuge, the screen box is forced to vibrate, and the materials on the screen surface will be thrown up by the upward force, and then move forward for a certain distance, fall back on the screen surface, and move repeatedly to complete the screening process of materials.

1.The adoption of sandwich screen can increase the single-layer aperture, prolong the service life of screen, and prevent adhesion and wear.

2.The rubber spring supports the screen frame, which can isolate vibration and absorb sound, with low noise and low dynamic load.

Mine vibrating screen is a commonly used screening equipment at present. For high-quality heavy vibrating screen, it can improve screening efficiency, reduce production costs, and better serve users. Mine vibrating screen has the characteristics of high screening accuracy, long screen surface, and many screening specifications.

The screen structure of TSX vibrating screen is optimized through finite element analysis and design. It is light in weight, with high fatigue resistance, reliability and service life.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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