What Is A Vibratory Screener Used For?

In the coal mining and construction industries, prescreening, inspection screening and preparation screening before sorting shall be carried out in coordination with crushing operations; It is used for independent screening of materials into various particle size products; In addition, it can also be used for auxiliary operations such as dehydration, desliming and media removal. Among them, linear vibrating screen has been widely used due to its high production efficiency, good classification effect, convenient maintenance and other advantages.

TSX vibrating screener is used for screening impurities, particle size classification, solid-liquid classification, batch screening and material dehydration. The horizontal vibrating screen and banana vibrating screen are used for the classification of large and medium sized materials, like the inspection screen, but providing more accurate screening and product separation.

The purpose of grading screen is to accurately separate particles of different sizes from products, so that the final materials can be graded into different sizes. It can also be used for desliming or disintermediation. The flip-flop screen is used for grading viscous materials that are difficult to screen. The high-frequency screen and the sieve bends are used for dehydration.

For materials with high mud content and water content, the TSX vibrating screener can be used for desliming and dehydration of materials, at least 20 tons per hour. The circular motion vibrating screener is used for primary and secondary material grading, and the grizzly feeder is used for feeding and pre-screening.

TSX vibrating screener adopts a screen with high opening rate, light weight, wear resistance, reasonable structure, convenient disassembly, and technological advantages compared with exported products.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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