What Is Advantages And Disadvantages Of TSX Vibrating Are Briefly Introduced?


Vibrating screen extension is mainly composed of screen box, vibrator, hanging or supporting device and motor motor by = angular belt, drive the main shaft of the vibrator rotation, due to teach the vibration device on the unbalanced weight of centrifugal inertia force, so that the screen box vibration. Varying the center weight of the shaker can obtain different amplitudes.

Let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the shaker. First, the advantages:

1, vibrating screen machine high efficiency, light quality, complete and diverse series, many levels, for dry material screening can meet the needs.

2, simple structure, convenient dismantling screen surface.

3, screening per ton of material consumption of less energy

The second is the disadvantages:

1, for high moisture, adhesion material, the model is not suitable, vibration when working to make the material more tightly adhered to the screen surface, resulting in material congestion or forced to stop.

Vibrating screen: vibrating screen structure is composed of four parts, high frequency vibration motor, a fixed screen and two levels of fixed screen, vibration spring and housing.

Vibrating screen motion is characterized by high frequency, small amplitude, screen surface inclination and screening screening rate into anyway, the larger the screen surface inclination flow speed is faster, material on the screen surface for jumping motion, so the productivity and screening efficiency are higher. Vibrating screen is suitable for all kinds of screening operations in coal preparation plant, there are many kinds.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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