What Is Advantages And Disadvantages Of Vibrating Screens?

Vibrating screen is actually a kind of equipment that can be applied to any particle, powder and viscous viscous mucus or material vibrating screen machine.  At present, the vibrating screen is mainly used in chemical industry, mining and metallurgical industry..


In addition, when screening materials, the vibrating screen will not generate strong vibration, and it also has the effect of sound absorption. Because of the existence of shock absorption, the material will not pop out of the screen plate due to vibration.

The screening effect of the advantages of vibrating screens is actually relatively good, mainly for the screening of ore and other materials, and the size of the screen holes in the screen plate can also be adjusted. Therefore, the selection of the sieve plate is also very elegant, and the selection of the suitable sieve plate will help to increase the stratification of material screening, and through such a combination, a higher separation speed can be achieved. In the work of the vibrating screen, the feeding force of the material can also be controlled.

The structure of the advantages of vibrating screens is also relatively simple, and the screen plate can also be disassembled. When there is a problem with the screen plate, it can be directly removed for maintenance, which facilitates the maintenance of the entire vibrating screen.If you want to screen large materials, you need to layer them, because there is no way to achieve the best screening effect with a single layer, and in the process of screening, the screening of the vibrating screen can make the finer and sticky materials fall off, so This greatly improves the screening efficiency.


When the sieve plate is used for too long, the sieve hole will be seriously damaged. Wear, once the screen holes are worn, the entire screening work will be affected, so the product size will be inflexible and the production cost will be relatively high.The main parts of the vibrating screen are replaced frequently. Especially the sieve plate and the sieve frame part, however, when there is a problem in one of the components, the screening effect of the entire vibrating screen will be affected.

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