What Is Advantages Of TSX Vibrating Are Briefly Introduced?

There is a reason why the circular vibrating screen is liked by so many people. It has many advantages, such as fine screening, good screening speed, saving labor costs and so on. Next, let’s take a look together.

1, compared with other screening equipment, the circular vibrating screen increases the separator, in order to reduce the material offset, let the feed balance, increase the separator can move the material to the screening equipment, fundamentally solve the uneven feeding situation, prolong the service life of the screen.

2.Because the screen box of the vibrating screen vibrates strongly, it greatly avoids the occurrence of materials blocking the screen hole during screening, which makes the production efficiency of the screen higher than other screens.

3, simple structure, convenient dismantling screen surface.


Performance characteristics of circular vibrating screen:

1,The maintenance of round vibrating screen is very convenient and fast.

2, round vibrating screen using spring steel woven screen or punching screen plate, long service life, not easy to plug holes.

3, round vibrating screen using rubber vibration isolation spring, long life, small noise, over the resonance area, etc.

4, reduce the height of the vibrating screen, adjust the position of the equipment funnel, which can reduce the impact, let the material gently into the circular vibrating screen, slow down the impact, but also to avoid the equipment is damaged by the impact of the material.

  1. 5. Increase the surface slope of the equipment and improve the speed of material movement.

6, round vibrating screen screen surface inclination in about 20 degrees, this Angle is very suitable for more difficult screening materials, improve the speed of equipment to save time and cost.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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