What Is An Aggregate Vibrating Screen?

Vibrating screen is now widely used in coal industry, energy industry, construction industry and other industries. People are more willing to use machinery to reduce labor force to speed up work efficiency, and aggregate vibrating screen is an example.

TSX aggregate vibrating screen is used to separate the aggregate used for building into concrete or road construction from other materials. The material enters the sieve from the inlet, and the vibration of the vibrator drives the vibration of the sieve plate, so that the aggregate is separated from various sieve holes on the sieve plate and screened out from the outlet.

TSX circular motion vibrating screen is an aggregate vibrating screen. Its RDQ series single axis vibration exciter allows materials to move in a circular way. Materials of different sizes have different trajectories of motion, so they can be separated by their different trajectories.

The screen structure of TSX aggregate vibrating screen is optimized and designed through finite element analysis. It is light in weight, high in fatigue resistance, reliability and long in service life. The RDQ excitation unit used in TSX aggregate screen changes the old mode of providing excitation force with eccentric shaft.

The independent excitation system is composed of bearings and eccentric blocks. The two independent excitation systems are synchronized through the connection of rubber discs and intermediate connecting shafts. The independent excitation system is fixed on the side plate of the screen to provide excitation force for the screen body.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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