What Is Banana Vibrating Screen?

A banana screen is a vibrating screen. It is a vibrating screen with a vibrator and a number of different inclined sieve plates. The shape of the sieve surface is similar to that of a banana, so it is called a banana vibrating screen. The main function is to classify large and medium-sized materials. In addition, it can also be used for dehydration, disintermediation, deintermediation and other operations.

Used in wet and dry material screening applications, because the banana vibrating screen is a vibration device, it can use a unique sieve plate shape to handle larger volumes of materials, while its footprint is smaller than. Screen plates, including banana vibrating screen, are available for mining, quarrying and material screening and processing industries.

At various stages of process screening, both wet and dry applications, banana vibrating screen equipment is used to combine components of fixed material sizes while reducing the number of fine particles carried with larger materials. Into the material end has a larger slope of the screen, so that the material can better into the machine, and then at a specific Angle to gradually reduce the material into the discharge port, the overall screen surface is curved, so called banana vibrating screen.

The feed end tilts the screen to allow more material to pass through the surface of the screen plate, resulting in faster screening and thinner layers of material. As the bulk material moves faster through the steep slope, it can be stratified earlier, allowing the material particles to move closer to the screen surface and pass relatively gently through the gaps without obstruction.

In fact, banana vibrating screen is a very efficient screening, and is the most advanced and popular screening machinery products. Its weight is relatively light, the area is also relatively small, relatively stable, the structure is relatively simple, easy to maintain, safe and reliable. But in the process of use we should pay attention to, when the machine starts or pauses, do not get too close to the machine


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