What Is Circular TSX Vibrating Screen?

When we hear about the circular vibrating screen, do you think it is round or spherical in appearance?

In fact, the equipment body of the circular vibrating screen is square, rather than round as you imagine. The reason why we call it circular vibrating screen is that the material vibration track is elliptical when the screen machine vibrates.The circular vibrating screen is used to sort medium and coarse bulk materials (5.0 mm to 100 mm).

For circular vibrating screen, we need to know the following advantages

  1. The circular vibrating screen box is characterized by stable vibration, stable amplitude, reasonable layout, no oil leakage and reliable performance. For all parts that are easy to wear, we adopt domestic leading equipment parts, which are selected by most customers.
  2. The circular vibrating screen is simple in structure, and the screen plate is easy to replace and disassemble.
  3. Circular vibrating screen adopts eccentric block to adjust amplitude and cylindrical eccentric shaft exciter, which is more convenient for maintenance during use.
  4. The overall weight of the round vibrating screen is light, the equipment is easy to repair, the energy consumption is low, and the sound of the screen during operation is low.

It is generally made of steel carbon, but for the food, chemical industry and medical research, when screening corrosive materials, we must use stainless steel screens. At the same time, according to the requirements of production lines in various industries and the characteristics of material particle size, the circular vibrating screen produced by TSX has some specially designed types, such as rimmed type, explosion-proof gate type, etc

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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