What Is Construction Of Flip-flop Vibrating Screen?

TSX flip-flop vibrating screen is a vibrating screen mainly used for grading viscous materials difficult to screen. Its screen plate is mainly composed of fixed screen plate and flip screen plate, including slit screen plate, braided (elastic rod) screen plate, perforated screen plate, bar screen plate and polyurethane screen plate. It is usually combined with fixed screen plate and flip screen plate.

Its structure is mainly screen body, vibration exciter, intermediate shaft, main drive shaft, drive system and screen plate. The screen body of TSX vibrating screen is assembled cleanly and hermetically with high-quality HUCK ring groove rivets from the United States to avoid the corrosion of wet materials on the bolt joint surface.

The exciter of TSX vibrating screen is made of SKF’s special vibration bearing and shell, featuring light structure, good sealing, fast heat dissipation, no oil leakage, durability, and reliability, and convenient for on-site maintenance;

The new excitation unit reduces the bearing torque, making the bearing service life longer. TSX vibrating screen is connected between two vibrators with an intermediate shaft to ensure synchronous rotation of the left and right vibrators.

The intermediate shaft is a telescopic spline for easy disassembly. The main drive shaft of TSX vibrating screen is a universal connecting shaft connecting the statically fixed installation drive mechanism and the dynamic shale shaker body, which has long service life and less maintenance. The drive system of TSX vibrating screen consists of 4-pole three-phase motor, belt drive and secondary shaft assembly.

The main motor is a new type of motor with large starting torque and fast acceleration, which can make the screen     machine pass through the resonance zone quickly. The fixed sieve plate of the TSX vibrating screen has high opening rate and long service life.

The loose sieve plate is used for screening materials difficult to screen. The sieve hole is not easy to block, and the gravity acceleration of materials can reach 50G.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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