What Is Dewatering Screen?

Dewatering screen, which is mainly used for dehydration, desliming and media removal, can be used for sand washing in the gravel plant, coal slime recovery in the coal preparation plant, dry discharge of tailings in the concentrator, etc. Therefore, it is also called gravel dehydration screen, mine dehydration screen, coal slime dehydration screen, dry discharge screen of tailings, high-frequency dehydration screen, etc.

The dehydration screen adopts the self synchronization technology driven by two motors. Under the action of the exciting force, the screen box moves in a reciprocating straight line, The materials are thrown up on the screen surface and jump forward to make a linear movement. At the same time, the V-shaped screen surface structure can achieve better dehydration effect.

In mining machinery, the use of dewatering screen is essential. Dehydration screen is widely used in tailing dry discharge, concentrate dewatering, slurry thickening, chip removal, carbon slurry separation and other industries. The working principle and performance advantages of dewatering screen are introduced below.

Performance advantages of dewatering screen:

  1. The dewatering screen mesh is made of polyurethane, which is resistant to impact, low temperature, abrasion, chemical corrosion, self lubrication, and impact energy.
  2. The new dehydration screen has two functions of dehydration and recovery. It is simple in structure, convenient for maintenance and operation, and saves investment cost and floor space.
  3. 3. The side plate of the machine body is equipped with reinforcing plates, the bottom is equipped with supports, and the bottom is equipped with horizontal bars. The outlet is supported by triangular steel plates. The plates are thick.
  4. For products with low sludge content, dehydration screen can also be used directly without using sand washer, which saves the cost of customers and achieves the same effect.
TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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