What Is Dewatering Vibrating Screen?

It is mainly used for dewatering vibrating screen in mineral processing industry, slime dehydration in coal preparation plant, water-washed quartz sand dehydration and ceramic mud dehydration, as well as wet classification, dewatering, desliming and desliming of medium and fine grained materials in industrial departments such as electric power, sugar and salt.

The main results are as follows:The dewatering vibrating screen uses a vibration exciter or a vibrating motor as the vibration source to make the screen box reciprocate in a straight line under the action of the exciting force, and the material is thrown and jumped forward to transport the material on the screen surface.

Relatively small volume, large processing capacity per unit area, convenient for system process layout; weak welding of section steel components, constitute the main body of the frame without internal stress, high strength, light weight and durability; the frequency, amplitude and low consumption power source of dehydration screen design, suitable for a variety of dehydration needs, 24-hour continuous dry discharge operation; high frequency dehydration screen V-shaped screen design, feed end has a 45-degree filter plate, 0-5.

The screen surface is dehydrated by climbing the slope, which increases the dewatering efficiency, and the moisture content on the screen is lower.

Modular design of sieve plate, installation mode without bolts, replacement of a sieve plate only takes 3-5 minutes, increase operation efficiency, sieve hole is not blocked, screen hole is 0.1mm small, vibration isolation spring is adopted in vibration damping device, the whole machine has long service life, low noise and stable resonance area; lubrication mode: grease lubrication or dilute oil lubrication.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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