What Is Dry Vibrating Screen?

Vibrating screen is widely used for screening and impurity removal of many types of materials, whether dry or wet materials, dry powder vibrating screen refers to the application of vibrating screen in dry materials, and different types of vibrating screen are selected for different dry materials, dry vibrating screen is used to screen dry products such as minerals, and can be used in many processes, including classification, quantification, scalping and recovery.

Designed for specific operation, the size ranges from 0.9 m to 4.8 m wide, with a maximum length of 11.0 m. All major components are generated by the computer to ensure that spare parts are easily installed.

The floor is mounted on a galvanized steel spiral spring and provides up to 98% vibration isolation; linear movement is provided by a reliable “Honert brute force” gear exciter; the dry vibrating screen is used to screen the machine sand used in the dry material production line, crushing the gravel after crushing the crusher, removing more than 5mm and dividing the rest into coarse, medium and fine particles for different production needs.

Because of the great demand for the output of sand and gravel in the dry powder mortar production line, the general vibrating screen must be equipped with multiple machines to work at the same time, which is not convenient, so the probability screen is generally selected. Can effectively remove foreign bodies, so that product quality is more reliable; gentle product treatment; space-saving compact design; low installation and maintenance costs.

Dry vibrating screens help you maintain the purity and commercial value of almost all types of poultry by removing any foreign matter that may exist in picking operations and equipment, such as rubber, metal and plastic.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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