What Is Elliptical Motion TSX Vibrating Screen?

Elliptical vibrating screen refers to the vibrating screen with elliptical motion trajectory in the screen box during normal operation. In recent years, this kind of screening machine has attracted great attention in the world screening field.

It has the advantage of two circular motion screen and linear motion screen is that the “long axis” of the shed track is to strengthen the material conveying weight, and the “short axis” is to promote the loose weight of the screening material.

Circular Motion Sand Mesh Sieve

Therefore, it is characterized by: the speed of material transport, thin material layer; Particles are not easy to plug the sieve hole, the effective screening area is large: loose screening material, good stratification, high screening efficiency. Production practice shows that its processing capacity is about 25% higher than that of circular and linear shakers.

If the processing capacity is the same, the screening area can be smaller. Elliptical shakers are very similar to ordinary linear shakers. Only the shaker is different. To achieve an elliptical trajectory, the two unbalanced shakers m1 and m2 of the mass trigger must be unequal, or the two unbalanced gyration radii r1 and r2 unequal.

Therefore, at present, the use of elliptic vibration decoration is as follows: elliptic motion screen machine to linear motion screening and circular motion screen characteristics of integration, can improve the material throughput and horizontal installation of the operation to save space.

Both electronic elliptical motion screen and mechanical screen screens can be selectively changed to suit operating conditions. This is done by, among other things, changing the throwing Angle, which is important for running speed, and by adapting to parameters important for machine acceleration, such as vibration speed and amplitude.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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