What Is Elliptical TSX Vibrating Screen?

Elliptical vibrating screen is designed with new technology, especially suitable for screening applications with high water content. The equipment has a processing capacity of 3500 tons per hour, while minimizing water consumption.

The electronic elliptical motion screen enables speed and throwing Angle to be adjusted while the machine is running: adjustments can be made fully automated or manually on the touch panel, via the bus integrated into the factory control system, without the need to stop the machine!

Circular Motion Sand Mesh Sieve

Our electronic elliptic vibrating screen responds to changing operating conditions easily and does not require any setup intervention, so fluctuating feed volumes, automatic cleaning and end particle removal in the program cycle are no problem. Persistence ensures consistent screening results. The electronic components are carefully selected for the often harsh operating conditions and are resistant to defects.

Elliptical vibrating screen ensures the flexibility of the production process and the consistency of product quality.

Vertical, circular, or elliptical vibrations are caused by unbalanced weights or by the rotating machinery of a flywheel, usually attached to a drive shaft.The amplitude of the throw can be adjusted by adding or removing weight elements attached to the flywheel. The direction of rotation can be countercurrent or inward flow.Reflux makes the material slower and allows for more efficient separation, while inflow allows for greater throughput. The uniaxial screen must be mounted on a ramp, usually between 15° and 28°, to allow material to flow along the screen

Iron ore contains up to 15% water, which may have the characteristics of paste and clay materials, and is easy to cause blindness on the screen deck. The elliptical motion and increased acceleration of XL Class ensure that the delamination of materials will not cause blindness or pollution.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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