What Is Factors Affecting The Amplitude Of TSX Vibrating Screen?

1, vibrating screen model

Type of vibrating screen is numerous, each model parameters such as vibration frequency of the vibrating screen, processing capacity will be some gap, at the same time, different hammer vibrating screen its amplitude are also different, in general, the greater the type of vibrating screen, the greater the amplitude of the chosen, because the greater the amplitude, the more layers, thus to achieve a larger production capacity, but pay attention to the amplitude of moderation, Because if the amplitude is too high, the vibration screen structure will be damaged.

2,Influence of excitation force

The vibration force of the vibrating screen is the main power source of the vibrating screen, it has an important impact on the amplitude of the vibrating screen and even the whole screening operation, in general, the stronger the vibration force, the greater the amplitude, the vibration force is reduced, the amplitude will be reduced accordingly. We can adjust the amplitude by adjusting the magnitude of the exciting force. In the specific operation.

3,Feeding quantity  

The processing capacity of each type of vibrating screen is certain, we can choose the appropriate model according to the actual production needs. In the process of using the vibrating screen to the vibrating screen into its bearing range of materials, avoid the high load operation of the vibrating screen, otherwise it will cause the vibrating screen amplitude smaller, screening capacity decreased, serious will also cause damage to the vibrating screen.

4,Influence of vibration frequency

Vibrating screen vibration frequency refers to the number of vibration per minute of the screen box, the size of the vibration frequency determines the speed and acceleration of the screen motion, so as to have an impact on the amplitude of the vibrating screen, in general, the higher the vibration frequency indicates that the vibration screen amplitude is larger.

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TSX Screen

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