What Is Fine For TSX Vibrating Screen?

There are many kinds of vibrating screens, and there are many vibrating screens that can screen granular materials, including XZS series rotary vibrating screens. XZS type vibrating screen is a fine particle screening machine with high accuracy, also called the three-dimensional vibrating screen.

Working principle:

  1. The fine forvibrating screen uses a vibrator or a vibrating motor as the vibration source.
  2. The fine forvibrating screen is equipped with a 45 ° filter plate at the feeding end, which changes the water tension on the pulp surface through the exciting force. The pulp water becomes the undersize through the screen mesh, while the fine materials are blocked by the screen mesh to form a filter layer and are discharged forward under the influence of the vibration force.

Product features

  1. The operation and cleaning of particle vibrating screen are very simple and convenient. Small volume, small space occupation, and on-demand movement.
  2. During the operation of particle vibrating screen, all powders and mucus can be screened and filtered.
  3. The particle vibrating screen can reach five layers at most, and it is recommended that no more than three layers be used for screening.
  4. The mesh frame design of the particle vibrating screen is novel, the service cycle of the screen is long, and the screen can be changed quickly, generally 5 minutes, and the operation continuity is strong.

The fine for vibrating screen is mainly used for tailings dewatering in the mineral processing industry, slime dewatering in the coal preparation plant, water washed quartz sand dewatering and ceramic slurry dewatering, as well as wet classification, dehydration, disintermediation and desliming of medium and fine particle materials in the power, sugar and salt industries. The process conditions such as slime recovery, filter pressing and coarse separation, and dewatering and recovery of other fine materials shall be coordinated with the thickener for dry discharge of tailings.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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