What Is Linear Screen Vibrating?

TSX linear screen vibrating screen machine can be customized according to customer’s requirements, and can provide remote technical installation guidance service or provide on-site assembly if conditions permit.

TSX linear screen vibrating, Assembled screens are subjected to a comprehensive test program to ensure correct assembly, correct operate frequency and performance parameters, and to ensure reliable trouble free operation in the field.

TSX has process-based and automated production and processing capabilities, including Component manufacturing workshop, Finish machining workshop, Assembly workshop, etc.

TSX also has advanced production equipment: CNC plasma cutting machine, CNC gantry drilling machine, Horizontal CNC machining center, Vertical CNC machining center, Precision CNC lathe, CNC angle steel drilling production line, CNC double face milling machine, CNC gantry milling machine, Large-scale blasting machine, Three-coordinates measuring machine, etc.

TSX company’s products are oriented to both international and domestic markets, and provide the bulk material industry with: various vibrating screens, relaxation screens, circular vibrating screens, curved screens, centrifuges, etc. Washing equipment.

It also provides processing of spare parts for imported coal preparation equipment, replacement of main components and overhaul of equipment for large domestic coal groups.

TSX has a professional R&D and design team.

TSX products are mainly used for coal classification, desliming, dehydration and deintermediation, and are also suitable for screening and grading of other minerals.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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