What Is Liquid Vibrating Screen?

The liquid vibrating screen is actually also called a liquid filter screen. It is a small vibrating screen filter that is easy to move and has low noise. It is applicable to materials with small processing capacity or few impurities, such as soybean milk and milk. The screen machine is made of stainless steel (304), small in size and can be moved freely. Therefore, the material used is 304 stainless steel design, and the inside and outside are polished, clean and sanitary.

Liquid characteristics of vibrating screen:

  1. Generally, there is no included angle for horizontal installation, and there are two more sieve plates in Z;
  2. Used for water washing, dehydration, desliming and disintermediation of wet production process;
  3. Different quality sieve plates are available for selection;
  4. The tire coupling is used for flexible connection and stable operation;
  5. Through many years of production practice, it has been proved that this series of screen machine has a series of advantages, such as large processing capacity, reasonable technical parameters, high structural strength and stiffness, high serialization, generalization and standardization, stable and reliable operation, low noise, and convenient maintenance and repair.

Liquid vibrating screen application industry

Liquid vibrating screen can be used for materials with small output and few impurities within 400 meshes, such as powder screening and slurry filtration with large particle content; The spray paint with 325 mesh filtering proportion of 1.1 can reach 1200 liters per hour, and the 30 mesh screening flour can handle 700 kg per hour.

The liquid is mainly composed of a latch, a vibrating bucket, a screen, a spring, a base cover, a motor and other parts. During the movement of materials on the screen, small particles or liquids pass through the screen, by selecting and installing corresponding screens.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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