What Is Meant By TSX Vibrating Screen?

The vibrating screen first appeared in the American mining industry in the 1970s. At that time, it was designed to reduce the labor of workers and improve the quality of ores. So the designed machine is heavy and difficult to move. However, such a machine greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers and improves the output and quality.

However, with the continuous progress of the times and technology, the shape and function of the vibrating screen are also undergoing earth shaking changes. So far, the vibrating screen has been developed into a general equipment that can be used in various fields.


Vibrating screen is a screening machine used for classification, desliming, dehydration and medium removal of coal or non coal substances. His working principle is that the vibration motor or vibration exciter is used as the vibration source to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy through the transmission device to drive the sieve to vibrate, thus completing dehydration, desliming, grading and other work.

The screen body structure of TSX vibrating screen is optimized and designed through finite element analysis. It is light in weight, with high fatigue resistance, reliability and service life. In addition to its good working performance, it also has a good appearance. All components are made of high-quality structural steel, and are subject to sandblasting, painting and anti-corrosion treatment. All surfaces are waterproof and sealed to meet the requirements of the harsh environment on site.


The exciter adopts magnetic oil plug and splash lubrication to timely absorb iron filings in gear lubricating oil, improve the quality of grease, and select world famous high-grade lubricating oil to greatly improve the service effect and life of equipment.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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