What Is Mesh Of Vibrating Screen?

The vibrating screen around the prominent frame of the fine mesh, in addition to two centimeters, all cut off. Reinstall the wiring ring, loosen the universal pliers, hook and lock the wiring ring screws. To use the object around the border evenly knock, lock the nut, and then can replace the fine net. Vibrating screen replacement screen if removed the main frame and movable plate.

The mesh of vibrating screen is the supporting equipment of sand production line. Vibrating screen mesh has the system, punching, corrugated, arc, seam of these types of screen mesh. Their structure is relatively strong, the main function is used in mines, coal mines, buildings, glass factories and so on.

So we need to know the screen replacement method, the general is to take a detailed change method. It is mainly the fine mesh laid flat on the main screen of the vibrating screen, put the frame back to the original position, and then tighten around the screen by hand, in the frame with pliers to clamp the body of the frame and the relative edge of both ends of the mine.

Effect of use

By improving the screen fixed on the frame and the frame in the vibrating screen body of the pressing way, completely changed the original the mesh of vibrating screen twice a day damage.

The screen is fixed on the frame in such a way that the service life of the screen can reach 1-2 months. After the combination of the two improvement methods, the mesh of vibrating screen was put into operation after a 5-month overhaul. Except that the maintenance personnel found that the external nut was loose during inspection, the screen surface and four groups of crimping devices were intact. The expected service life of the general screen mesh was about 5-8 months.

TSX Screen

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