What Is New Vibrating Screen?

Vibrating screen is a device often used in the mining industry, in coal and non-coal industries.

TSX vibrating screen uses finite element analysis to continuously improve product components. Take the intermediate shaft of the vibrator equipment, the drive system, the buffer spring, and the vibration motor as examples for analysis.

  1. Intermediate Shaft

Connect with a intermediate Shaft between two exciters to ensure run-in synchronism of LH and RH exciters. Connect with special rubber disks between two ends of intermediate Shaft and counter weights of exciter. The intermediate Shaft is rigid Shaft with no maintenance and lubrication.

2.Drive Shaft

Drive Shaft is a universal shaft to connect with static drive set and dynamic screen, the advantages are obvious: long Lifetime, low malfunction and convenient maintenance.

Drive assembly comprises 4 pole 3 phase motor, multi V-belt transmission and layshaft assembly.

This allows the screen to pass through resonant frequency regions quickly. The motor is installed on guide rail to facilitate belt tensioning.

Belt pulleys are interchangeable to allow for operate frequency changes to be made.

The layshaft assembly comprises layshaft, SKF bearing blocks, adapter sleeve, and bearing block seals, providing a reliable easily maintainable drive system.


Adopt steel coiled spring between screen body and mounting base for shock absorption. Low rigidity  of spring for diminution dynamic load in screen base support. Efficiency of shock absorption is above 98%. The spring is anti-fatigue and not easy to be broken.

There are rubber pads at both ends of spring to reduce friction and noise between spring and spring base.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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