What Is Reason For The TSX Small Vibration Screen Amplitude?

1.The power supply voltage is insufficient

Vibrating screen is designed in accordance with 380V three-phase electricity, if not according to the provisions of the connection line, voltage is insufficient, will cause the vibrating screen amplitude is small.

2.The feeding quantity is too large

If the one-time conveying to the screen surface of stone exceeds its bearing range, it will also affect the amplitude, need to stop first, reduce the material on the screen to the normal range, and then start; In addition, the grain size of the material is directly related to the calculation results of vibrating screen amplitude.

3. the spring design is not reasonable

We know that the vibrating screen is mainly composed of vibrator, screen box, supporting device, transmission device and other parts, the spring is an important part of the support device, so in the design of the spring, the net variable of the spring is less than the height of the device, otherwise, will cause the vibrating screen amplitude is small; However, if the net variable of the spring is too large, it may cause the body to escape from the spring.

4.Various faults

(1) Motor or electrical components are damaged

Check the motor and replace it if it is damaged; Secondly, check the electrical components in the control line. If the electrical components are damaged, the electrical components need to be replaced.

(2) Vibrator failure

Check the viscosity of the grease in the vibrator, add appropriate grease, and then check whether the vibrator is faulty, timely maintenance or replacement.

The above is about the vibrating screen amplitude size how to see the answer, the amplitude size is the need to use the formula calculated, and to adjust the amplitude size, to determine whether the amplitude meets the requirements of the vibrating screen operation, the need to stop before adjustment. The general amplitude should be selected according to the granularity and nature of the sieve material. Haiside Heavy industry production of vibrating screen performance quality is safe and reliable, amplitude and frequency by VB instrument test, to ensure that each vibrating screen can achieve efficient, safe production


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