What Is Rock Vibrating Screen?

This article will introduce the rock vibrating screen and its classification in detail.

The rock vibrating screen is a process to improve rock materials by separating materials of different sizes and removing dust from rock materials that are not required to be too small. It consists of a screen mesh and a drive system. The screen mesh separates fine particles from coarse particles, and the drive system generates necessary vibration or rotation to move, loosen and transport screening materials on the screen plate.

Types of vibrating screens for rock

The rock vibrating screen can be distinguished according to its working principle and application materials. They include ZSG rock vibrating screen, round vibrating screen, roller screen and dewatering screen. Each screen type is designated for specific purposes and applications. The following is a detailed introduction.

  1. TSX rock vibrating screen

ZSG rock vibrating screen is mainly used for screening and grading of small and medium-sized particles or large pieces of materials. The feed particle size is ≤ 150mm, the size of screen hole is 3-50mm, and polyurethane screen mesh is used. It is wear-resistant, compression resistant, and has a long service life.

  1. TSX circular vibrating screen

TSX circular vibrating screen is used to separate materials and final products in different stages of the crushing process, and is suitable for sand screening, coal screening and other ore screening with particle size>3mm.

Compared with other types of screens, the vibrating screen has the following main advantages: 1. Due to the strong movement of the screen surface, the speed of materials passing through the screen hole is accelerated, which makes the screen have high productivity and screening efficiency (generally up to 80-85%); 2. It can be used not only for fine screening, but also for medium coarse and coarse screening. (The mesh size is as large as 100mm and as small as 0.2-0.5mm) ; 3. When sieving viscous and moist ores, the sieve aperture is not easy to block, and the working index is higher than other sieves;

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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