What Is Sand Grading Vibration Screen Machine?

TSX sand grading vibration screen machine. It is mainly designed for the sandstone, coal mine, sandstone aggregate, and construction waste industries. It has a screening effect and can separate different materials.

TSX sand grading vibration screen machine mainly has the following components:

  1. Screen body

The optimal design of screen body structure by finite element analysis, light weight, high ability of anti fatigue, high reliability, long lifetime. Spraying protective paint of PU after surface shot blasting reach grade Sa2.5.

The screen body is clean seal assembled together with Ring-Grooved Lockbolt of HUCK, to avoid corrosion of bolt joint surface by wet thing .

Adopt superior quality carbon structure steel to manufacture all parts which have been treated with sandblasting, spray-painted anti-corrosion techniques, and all waterproof sealed in component combining surfaces enable the machine to work properly in a harsh environment in the field.

2.Side Plate

The screen side plates are designed as no weld, they are assembled together with the technique of hydraulic pressure tension with American  HUCK bolt, to ensure there is no remnant stress on the overall structure, aesthetic appearance.

3.Exciter Beam

Box-design has been used on the exciter beam, the exciter beam weld complete joint penetration , adopt first-degree of UT and magnetic powder inspection, heat treatment to eliminate welding stress. The advantages of high strength but light weight. All assembly surfaces of the exciter beam are processed in the CNC machine tool to ensure the high quality of the whole screen when assemble.

And so on.

It is the purpose of TSX to provide high-quality sand grading vibrating screen machine for customers.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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