What Is Shaker Screen Machine Vibrating Screen?

TSX shaker screen machine vibrating screen is a new equipment developed by TSX mainly for screening of bulk materials such as coal, sand aggregate and other non-coal materials.

TSX shaker screen machine vibrating screen comes from TSX SCREEN. TSX has its own factory, excellent R&D team, high-quality and high-tech production workers, and skilled assembly workers.

TSX shaker screen machine vibrating screen for the selection of accessories, we only choose the most suitable ones and not the most expensive ones, in order to create high cost-effective vibrating equipment.

  1. Vibrating Motor

provide exciting force for high frequency screen by vibrating motor. Choose high-quality vibrating motor(OLI) of Italian brand with Small volume, large exciting force, adjustable vibrating stroke in accordance with  the actual requirements.

  1. Screen panel

Polyurethane long slot modular screen panels manufactured by TSX. TSX screen panel systems have been used extensively worldwide and have proven to be efficient, with high abrasion resistance, long life and are competitively priced.  High open areas improve screen efficiency and throughput.  TSX Poly panels can be supplied either hand cast or injection molded. TSX modular panels are easily installed and removed for faster plant shutdowns.

  1.  Spring

Steel coil springs are used for vibration isolation and buffering between the vibrating screen body and the installation base. The spring stiffness is small, which reduces the dynamic load on the base, and the vibration reduction efficiency reaches over 98%; the spring wire diameter is sufficient, which makes the spring more fatigue-resistant and not easy to break.

Rubber pads are added at both ends of the spring to reduce the friction and friction noise between the spring and the steel spring seat plate.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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