What Is Single-Deck Linear Vibrating Screen?

Single-deck Linear vibrating screen

Some people may ask why there are single-deck and multi-deck Linear vibrating screen. Let me explain why this is so. A single-deck Linear vibrating screen simply removes materials that are larger or smaller in the process of impurity removal.

A multi-deck linear vibrating screen is because users want to obtain materials that are smaller and larger in the process of material screening, The screening materials that the user wants are taken from the middle, so multi-deck single-deck Linear vibrating screen is required for impurity removal screening, because if a single-deck single-deck Linear vibrating screen is used, the results that the user wants cannot be achieved, and the impurity removal is not clean enough in the impurity removal process.


Details of single-deck Linear vibrating screen

single-deck Linear vibrating screen can be used for screening, grading and dehydration of fine particles and fine powder materials in industries such as abrasive, chemical, metallurgy, building materials, food, medical YAO, resin powder, ceramic raw materials, etc

Linear single-deck vibrating screen is a kind of universal screening machine driven by double vibrating motors.

  1. Definition: Literally speaking, a single deckof single-deck Linear vibrating screen, that is, the screen mesh is a deck, which can classify the rock into two different particles.
  2. Advantages of linear single-deckvibrating screen, Large feed particle size is usually less than 10mm. This series of screen can also be used for vibration screening and grading of liquids, mostly for dirty water, or for screening and grading of coal powder rocks with larger particles. When solving larger rocks, the screen body thickness needs to be thickened and the motor power needs to be increased, Replace the perforated castor bar as the screen.
TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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