What Is Single Deck Vibrating Screen?

Single deck vibrating screen refers to the screen frame for a deck, the discharge port for two vibrating screen, multi-deck vibrating screen refers to the screen frame for multi-deck vibrating screen.

Here we want to understand whether it is a single deck vibrating screen or multi-deck vibrating screen the discharge port number is more than the number of screen frame one deck. This is because in the production of some will be the material in the single impurity screening, so choose a single deck vibrating screen can, but if you need to screen a variety of different mesh material at the same time, you need to use multi-deck vibrating screen for screening work.

This is determined by the sifting sequence of the shaker. Under normal circumstances, the screening order of the vibrating screen is higher and higher precision from the top down, so the user needs to choose a reasonable choice according to the production requirements.

As a Single deck vibrating screen for more than 0.74mm, 10mm below, moisture content does not exceed 7%, does not have viscous screening of all dry materials. Therefore, single deck vibrating screen is mainly used in chemical industry, plastic industry, pharmaceutical industry, tree fat powder industry, ceramic industry, metallurgy industry, building materials industry, food industry, fertilizer industry in the dry powder and fine powder granular material screening.

Single deck vibrating screen has the characteristics of ultra-low energy consumption, ultra-high efficiency, fast maintenance, complete closure and no dust pollution, which is more than adequate for the screening of assembly line operation.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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