What Is The 100 Mesh TSX Vibrating Screen?

TSX vibrating screen is a screening machine that uses the vibration of the vibrator to drive the vibration of the screen body and screen plate of the vibrating screen. It is mainly used in mines, coal yards, construction companies and other places.


The mesh size of 100 mesh vibrating sieve plate is 0.150mm. For example, 50 meshes means 50 holes per square inch. The larger the mesh number is, the more holes are, which indicates that the finer the particle size is, the smaller the particle size is; The smaller the mesh number is, the fewer the holes are, which means that the larger the particle size is, the larger the particle size is.

The slit sieve plate is used for those with sieve aperture less than 3mm. The slit sieve plate is characterized by high screening accuracy and large processing capacity, and is mainly used for dehydration and slimming. TSX horizontal vibrating screen, TSX banana vibrating screen and TSX high-frequency vibrating screen can be used.

TSX also has a sieve plate for dehydration, which is a curved sieve. The aperture of the curved sieve is smaller and finer than that of the 100 mesh sieve plate, with higher screening accuracy and better dehydration performance. It is divided into stainless steel curved sieve plate and efficient curved sieve plate, with high opening rate, light weight, non-magnetic, wear resistance and high corrosion resistance.

TSX vibrating screen is a large vibrating screen. Although it is large, it has low energy consumption, long service life and easy maintenance. The vibrating screen is designed with polyurethane frame and stainless steel vibrating screen plate.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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