What Is The Basic Concept Of Vibrating Screen?

TSX vibrating screen is a vibrating machine that replaces manual screening. It is mainly used for screening coal and ore products. When it is used, it needs to cooperate with the vibrating feeder to form a production line.

TSX vibrating screen can be divided into circular vibrating screen and linear vibrating screen according to the movement track. At present, the main production area is Tianjin, China, and other regions also have production, such as Henan.

Vibrating screen is used in many coal mines, and the products have various shapes, such as large sand, coal, metal, fine sand, etc. In terms of application, different particle diameters have different application fields, different application ranges and effects, and different application capabilities.

The particle diameter produced in the production process is not uniform. Therefore, there is a product diameter measurement project in the production process and in the factory inspection, is called particle mesh (Definition refers to the maximum number of meshes with a certain diameter hole diameter in a fixed area, that is, the number of meshes on the screen.

As the diameter increases, the maximum number of meshes decreases. Its working principle is that under the specified conditions, within the specified time, and under the specified frequency of vibration (impact force, impact speed, impact amplitude), the percentage of the mass (or number) of the screened sample retained on each screen after passing through a series of screens is specified to represent the particle diameter distribution.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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