What Is The Basic Structure And Working Principle Of Circular TSX Vibrating Screen?

Overview of shaker:

Vibrating screen a wide variety of uses, not from the same point of view, vibrating screen can have a variety of classification methods,

Among them, according to the vibrating body of the screen box motion trajectory division, vibrating screen can be roughly divided into circular vibrating screen, straight lineDynamic screen, rotary vibrating screen and the combination of circular vibrating screen and linear vibrating screen evolution of elliptical vibrating screen and other categories.

Vibrating screen generally vibrator, box, vibration isolation device and transmission device and other parts of the composition. All kinds of vibrating screen.

A rectangular screen surface, screen surface through a certain way installed in the screen box, screen box and screen surface in the vibrator.

Under the reciprocating motion with a specific trajectory, the continuous vibration of the screen surface makes the material layer on the screen surface constantly thrown up,

Public dispersion and separation, and finally achieve the purpose of grading or deintermediation.

Circular vibrating screen refers to the vibrating body of the sieve machine that is, the sieve box has an approximate circular motion trajectory of the inertial vibrating screen, this vibrating screen

Also known as single shaft vibrating screen. Circular vibrating screen is a kind of model specifications, widely used screening equipment, all kinds of circles

The screen surface of the machine usually has a single layer and a double layer of two structural forms, widely used in coal, mining, electricity,

Dry and wet classification of various granular and small bulk loose solid materials in building materials, light industry and chemical industry.

From the screen machine shaker structure type, the circular vibrating screen has a shaft eccentric YA series and block eccentric

YK series two categories, YA series shaft eccentric circular vibrating screen with high screening efficiency, scientific and reasonable structure,

Circular vibrating screen structure :.

All kinds of round vibrating screen, whether mounted or hanging installation, generally consists of the following parts:

(1) Vibrating body – sieve box

(2) Vibration isolation a supporting spring group (seat type installation) or spring derrick (hanging type installation)

(3) Power plant a single axis shaker

(4) Driving device an asynchronous motor

(5) Related accessories

Three, the working principle of circular vibrating screen:

Circular vibrating screen is also known as single axis vibrating screen, circular vibrating screen vibration source produced by the vibration power is a fixed axis, direction

The essence of the inertia force with positive regularity is the centrifugal force formed by the rotation of the eccentric mass around the fixed axis. Circular vibrating screen

The working principle of the screen machine is that after starting the screen machine, the vibrating machine drives the vibrating screen box to make directional jump motion together,

In the meantime, the material less than the aperture of the screen surface falls through the sieve hole into the lower layer, and becomes the object under the screen, which is greater than the aperture of the screen surface

And working principle, the screen surface is usually inclined (inclination Angle is 15-25 degrees).

It can be seen from the structure and working principle of the circular shaker that the direction of the shaker is relative to the direction of the material flow

There are two kinds of rotation in the direction of material flow and countercurrent direction. The increase of material running speed can increase the production capacity, but the screening efficiency decreases; When the shaker turns in the reverse direction

When, the material running speed decreases, the production capacity decreases, but the screening efficiency increases. In view of this, in the actual sieve

In the sub-operation, we can take advantage of both production capacity and screening efficiency according to specific questions and needs

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