What Is The Basic Working Principle Of Wastewater Sieve Screen?

Wastewater sieve screen are mainly used for material classification and pre-dehydration in the mineral industry. The basic working principle of the wastewater sieve screen is that the material enters the screen surface along the vertical tangent direction at a set speed. Under the action of basic gravity, the material will approach the screen surface. When the material falls freely, the material contained in it The moisture or impurities are discharged through the sieve to achieve the purpose of dehydration or classification;

The wastewater sieve screen is a slotted screen with a predetermined curve. When in use, the overall structure is simple, but because it acts on pre-dehydration, the processing capacity is large. In the current coal preparation process, the wastewater sieve screen plays the role of dehydration, deintermediation, desliming, and recovery of graded coal slime. The screen plate of the wastewater sieve screen are generally made of steel or according to customer.

Regarding the agreed curve mentioned, different angles can be made as required. Commonly used angles are 45°, 60°, 90°, 180°, etc., or can be adjusted according to customer requirements

Due to the strong dewatering ability of wastewater sieve vibrating screen, most coal preparation plants on the market often use wastewater sieve screen for pre-dehydration. The sieve gap of curved screens is generally a little larger than that of the next dehydration process, but generally not more than 3mm.

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