What Is The Cad Model Of TSX High Frequency Vibrating Screen?

High frequency vibrating screen, the main function is dewatering, the feed size is 0-50 mm for froth coal, coal slurry dewatering, and non-coal fine sand dewatering, the exciter choose ZDQ series or excitation motor use.

Through the high-frequency vibration after starting to make the materials with adhesion force separate, reduce the agglomeration force between them, so that the materials can be quickly dispersed, can better pass through the screen hole, increase the screening rate, and through the high-frequency vibration of the high-frequency screen, so that the materials better contact the screen surface, less likely to block.

It can also destroy the surface tension of the watery material so that the material vibrates at high speed to achieve the effect of dewatering. The high frequency screen focuses more on frequency than amplitude, so the load on the ground is relatively small, so the installation site limitations of the high frequency screen are very small.
TSX vibrating screen has strong processing capacity, the whole machine working system is S1, to ensure 24 hours of stable continuous work, sieve machine operation and maintenance is simple, safe to use, cost-effective, sufficient spare parts, timely and thoughtful service, greatly increasing the service life of the screen.

The sieve machine can be specially designed according to the special requirements of customers and provided with on-site assembly. Each sieve machine is tested by FFT professional analyzer for static and dynamic performance before leaving the factory to ensure the product qualification rate is 100% before leaving the factory. And we have advanced production equipment

The structure of high frequency screen includes: side plate, excitation beam, lifting beam, cross beam, vibration motor, buffer spring, screen surface, etc.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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