What Is The Calculation Of Vibrating Screen Capacity?

Flow rate

In order to calculate the optimal flow rate of the screen, it is necessary to calculate the screen size and particle velocity* First, calculate particle velocity according to ITALWASTRAS method, and then calculate screen width according to material velocity.

For two different vibration types, the material velocity is calculated in two different ways* First, the linear vibration is solved by one-way method, and then the circular vibration is solved by rotation method.

One-way method

The material velocity of the linear vibrating screen can be obtained from the chart included in Appendix A-1.

I=entry point of material and drying surface

E=eccentricity (mm)

APP=Amplitude (mm)=e × two

FN=elastic force


For example, determine the material speed of a screen, and vibrate at 900 rpm with a stroke of 12 mm and an incidence angle of 40 °.

Solution: As shown in the figure below, the material speed is 975 m/h.

One-way method

The material speed of circular vibrating screen can be calculated from the theoretical speed corrected by the following product formula.

For example, determine that a vibrating screen vibrates at a speed of 900 revolutions per 12 mm stroke and an inclination of 20 °.

Calculate the depth of thevibrating screen using the following formula. When the weight of screening material is 1.6t/m and the weight of screen material is 0.8t/m, the opening amount of screen is four times.

All these calculation steps are provided as examples, and all values used here are randomly selected. You can follow the same calculation steps in the calculation, or you can change the calculation type according to the exact value you have. All operations discussed here are reversible, that is, if the flow is known, or if a specific flow is required, the material speed, the operating speed of the vibratory motor, or the stroke of the system can be easily calculated in the same way.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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