What Is The Channel Of TSX Vibrating Screen For Sale ?

With the development of network information, e-commerce will become the mainstream of commodity sales in the 21st century. Our vibrating screen industry has performed better, with diversified sales channels and online sales.

I made a summary. First, we need to know our products. We need to know the use, maintenance, working principle and technical parameters of the vibrating screen. Only when we know the product at our fingertips can we better explain it to customers and recommend the appropriate model. Especially for customers who have never used vibrating screen equipment, we should use our professional knowledge to persuade them.

The relevant knowledge required to recommend the vibrating screen model to customers is analyzed as follows:

  1. Name, specific gravity, viscosity and temperature of screening material.
  2. Estimated hourly throughput.
  3. Number of grids to filter.
  4. Particle size ratio of materials and required screening accuracy and range.
  5. Acidity and alkalinity of materials and whether there are sanitary requirements
  6. The space size of the production site where the vibrating screen is placed.
  7. Does the production environment have explosion-proof and flameproof requirements? Based on the above points, we can create our own shale shaker more accurately and effectively for customers.

Advantages of online marketing. Maintaining a rapid growth momentum and leading the global Internet. Internet marketing and e-commerce are gradually entering a stage of rapid development. For a long time in the future, online marketing will become an indispensable sales channel for enterprises. With the intensification of product homogeneity in the vibrating screen industry, the competition is becoming increasingly fierce.

More and more enterprises begin to seek breakthroughs in product marketing. At the beginning of the new year, we should strengthen the promotion of online marketing, learn more online marketing methods, and open up a Xintiandi for our vibrating screen equipment on the Internet.

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