What Is The Coil Spring Of Vibrating Screen?

The TSX spring has the advantages of small spring stiffness, which reduces the dynamic load on the base, and the vibration reduction efficiency is more than 98%; the spring wire diameter is sufficient, which makes the spring more fatigue resistant and not easy to break. The spring is equipped with rubber pads at both ends to reduce the friction loss and friction noise of the spring and steel spring plate.


There is a device in the vibrating screen, which can slow down the larger impact when the vibrating screen is operating, used for shock absorption and buffering, and also has great use in the production line with large load, using the larger elasticity to control the movement of the vibrating screen.

With the task of reducing gravity and bouncing, springs play a great role in vibrating screens. The main materials of vibration damping springs are: rubber, metal springs, air springs, cork, felt and so on. Commonly used springs are steel springs and rubber springs.

In the selection, you need to consider the model of the vibrating screen and the bearing capacity of the vibrating screen spring selection, vibrating screen only equipped with a reasonable vibration spring, in order to vibrate the normal operation of the screen and extend the service life of the vibrating screen, to select the type of spring according to the screening material.
 Spring in use is also divided into several kinds, for example: 1. plate spring: in most vibrating screen, plate spring is a rod used as a guide, can also be used as the main vibration spring, bent plate spring used as vibration isolation spring. With adjustable stiffness, to achieve the purpose of directional vibration.

2. Rubber spring: rubber spring is widely used in vibrating screen, and has a variety of uses, can be used as the main vibration spring and vibration isolation spring. It can work both under no pressure and under shear.

3. coil spring. With easy manufacturing, small internal friction, long service life, etc., but adjusting the stiffness is not convenient, easy to produce noise. Compound springs, air cushion springs (air springs), etc. Although the spring is a very small part but also regular maintenance and replacement of damping springs, vibration isolators should avoid working in a state of tension.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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