What Is The Composition Of Sand And Aggregate Sieving Machine?

TSX vibrating screen is generally composed of vibrator, screen box and other parts.

  1. Vibrator

The vibrator of the biaxial vibrating screen generally has two types according to the eccentric reconfiguration method. The configuration method of eccentric weight is preferably block eccentric type..

  1. Screen box

The screen box is generally composed of a screen surface and other compaction. There are two components of the screen frame: including side panels and beams. The screen frame must have sufficient rigidity.

  1. Supporting device

There are two types of supporting devices for TSX vibrating screens: hanging type and seat type.  The supporting device of the TSX vibrating screen often uses rubber springs as components.

  1. Transmission device

TSX vibrating screens usually use a V-belt drive. TSX vibrating screen fully supports customer customization, and the design principle is simple and convenient. And the technical team can freely combine the revolutions of the vibrator according to the customer’s data. However, during operation, the belt is prone to slippage, which may cause the sieve gap to be blocked. The vibration track of the vibrating screen is a complex space curve.

The working process of the vibrating screen will adopt the reciprocating vibration generated by the vibration excitation. The upper rotary hammer of the vibrator will cause the surface of the vibrating screen to form a plane vibration. The downward rotating weight causes the screen surface to generate conical rotary vibration, and the combined effect of the combined effect causes the screen surface to generate double-rotating vibration; the broken materials with different particle sizes pass through the single-layer or evenly-distributed holes multiple times. Multi-layer sieve surface, divided into several different levels of process called sieving.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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