What Is The Construction Of TSX Vibrating Screen?

Vibrating screen is applicable to the mass production of industrial screening. Now let’s talk about its specific structure.Under the action of different types of vibration actuators, the Vibrating screen vibrates according to different tracks, so that materials move along the working surface and pass through the screen. When the vibrating screen uses different kinematic parameters, the materials will move according to different tracks.

The Vibrating screen consists of dust cover, feed inlet, screen mesh, screen mesh, mesh frame and outlet.

Feed inlet: The buffer plate is designed to make the material flow into the screen evenly, and the material is checked through the observation port.

Dust cover: It limits the material and protects the machine and the surrounding environment from dust.

Vibrating motor: This motor causes the vibrating screen to generate multi plane vibration, which will increase the speed of materials passing through various sieves.

Screen mesh: keep the tension, so that the material can move more easily along the vibration direction. This can be horizontal or vertical. One machine can achieve both positive and mild material separation.

Discharge port: the size of discharge port can be designed as required, and the discharge speed through the valve can be adjusted as required.

In addition, there is a side outlet at the bottom of the vibrating screen, through which the obtained products can be unloaded. The sieve with or without product outlet can be ordered. When the sieve with outlet is selected, the screening process can be automated: when the product enters the vibrating screen, it will also leave through the sieve opening.

The above is an introduction to the structure of the shale shaker. Five layers of sieves are allowed to separate up to six products of different specifications and sizes, which are widely used in food, medicine, chemical industry, metallurgy, abrasives, ceramics, coatings and other industries.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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