What Is The Definition Of TSX Dewatering Vibrating Screen?

The dewatering vibrating screen is also a high-frequency screen with reasonable structure. The vibrating motor is used as the excitation source, and the materials are thrown to achieve the purpose of screening treatment. It is mainly used for the separation and dehydration of small or micro materials and the recovery of coal slime, especially for the dehydration of coal slime in front of the plate and frame filter press system. The dewatering vibrating screen recommended by Longzhong Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.

Sieve Bends Sand Mesh Sieve

The ZSM pedestal type dewatering shale shaker has a straight track and is produced according to the standard of JB2444-86 “ZSM double axle pedestal type shale shaker for briquette”. There are 16 specifications in the whole series, which can be used for dry and wet classification, dehydration, disintermediation and desliming of medium and fine grained materials in coal preparation, mineral processing, power, sugar making, salt making and other industrial departments.

DSM suspended dewatering shale shaker has a straight line motion path, which is produced according to QJ/AK02.06-89 DSM type double shaft suspended shale shaker for briquette.

Linear dehydration vibrating screen is different from light linear vibrating screen when it is used to screen small and medium-sized particles or even large blocks of materials.

Manganese steel woven screen mesh can be used according to the size of material particle size (with good abrasion resistance, low cost and high screen penetration rate; its service life is relatively short compared with perforated screen plate, which increases the cost of screen replacement), There are also perforated screen plates (generally stainless steel or carbon steel or manganese steel is used for punching, with a relatively long service life, and the screening rate and manganese steel woven mesh are slightly lower).

When the linear vibrating screen is used as a coal washing process, the screen plates used are polyurethane screen plates (wear-resistant, high mesh accuracy, and long service life); In the coal washing process, stainless steel sieve plates are often used, and the screen seams are generally long strip, which is durable and has high screening accuracy. Before selecting the screen mesh, we must fully understand the characteristics of the materials, and then scientifically select the screen mesh, so that we can produce major benefits in the actual production.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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