What Is The Design Of The TSX Vibrating Screen? 

China since reform and opening, vibrating screen industry have seen significant development. In particular, the 21st century, exists in all walks of life

in the shaker. However, vibrating screen career started late in China, rapid development, therefore, in the vibrating screen operation and maintenance, there are many problems. These problems highlight the performance of the sieve box off beam, crack help, dilute oil lubrication in the box vibrator oil spills, fight gear teeth, bearing temperature rise too high, noise, etc, and accompanied with a jump drive with a belt and other faults.

In the aspect of flotation, based on the further improvement of the traditional flotation process and equipment, it has been various series of mechanical agitation and jet swirling flotation machines have been formed to enhance fine particle flotation.

The effect of various flotation column, high selective flotation machine and so on have been preliminaries studied and obtained a certain progress.

In the treatment of slime water, on the basis of the widely used filter press, a strong pressure filter is put forward flow pressure filter dehydration concept, and complete 200 square meters of strong pressure flow filter press industrial the test;

After more than 20 years of research and development, a series of disk pressure filter, technology has been successfully developed the index is similar to the international similar equipment and has been promoted; Developed large horizontal sedimentation centrifuge, flat belt filter, large disc vacuum filter and other new slime recovery technology and equipment have also been in the industry application in production.

Large multi – toothed roller crusher and strong separator have been developed and used for raw coal preparation and screening dehydration stage crusher, more than 16 square meters of large classification screen has also been used in coal preparation plant; Using modal analysis technology developed a series of gravity offset type vibration dehydration screen and widely promoted; Energy saving high frequency vibration electromagnetic screen, various high frequency screen has also been used in production.

High Frequency Sand Mesh Sieve

In addition, in the compound dry coal preparation, slime cake drying and crushing, etc., preliminary progress has also been made results; High gradient magnetic separation, selective flocculation, friction electrostatic coal separation, microwave and chemical desulfurization and so on new technology, also carried on the laboratory experiment exploration.

Vibrating screen has simple structure, reliable performance, small maintenance, low failure rate, screen surface easy to plug, high screening efficiency, low cost, and whether the vibrating screen vibration or vibration can clean up the debris in the screen at any time, does not affect the normal work of the vibrating screen. Therefore, the shaker is screened it is widely used in coal.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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