What Is The Design Of TSX Linear Vibrating Screen?

Linear vibrating screen is a screening machine with a wide range of uses. According to the number of layers and specific material conditions of the vibrating screen, the hourly output of the linear vibrating screen varies from 0.05-20 tons. Generally, it is made of stainless steel and carbon steel, which can be selected by users according to their needs.

Of course, the reality is complex and changeable. In order to better deal with the complex screening environment and diverse materials, the linear shale shaker also better serves the material screening through special process design – suspension linear shale shaker, air-cooled linear shale shaker, silo linear shale shaker, etc.

Suspension linear vibrating screen

The suspended linear vibrating screen is also called the suspended linear vibrating screen. In addition to the characteristics of the general linear vibrating screen, the suspended design saves the space at the lower part and reduces the noise.

However, small linear vibrating screen is the best choice for suspension design, otherwise excessive pressure on the top of the wall will threaten production safety.

Key parameters of linear vibrating screen

1.Shape and size of sieve aperture: the particle size of round sieve aperture is smaller, while that of square sieve aperture is larger. The size of sieve aperture is reasonably configured according to the sieved material.

  1. Too small an inclination angle will lead to slow material movement and greatly reduce productivity. Too large an inclination angle will lead to too fast discharge and lower screening efficiency. Therefore, the inclination angle should be appropriate. Generally, we suggest that the gradient of the linear vibrating screen should be 0-15 °. If special materials need to be screened, the gradient can be appropriately increased, but should not exceed 25 °.
TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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